A Ritual You Need to Know

It is strange how we stay connected with some people, sometimes, they even control our emotions. This unseen bond or connect that we share in a relationship is because of this Etheric cord.

This etheric cord can be seen when you are romantically involved with someone. When we are involved with someone romantically, we automatically stimulate an energy cord with that person. The cord grows stronger as we start sharing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions with that person through interaction.

Spiritual author Doreen Virtue describes this Etheric cord as a hose that connects two people and through which the energy flows to and fro between them.

There are times when we are able to feel what our partner is going through even when they haven’t spoken a word to us. Due to this etheric cord, a high-frequency communication takes place between us and this is the reason we become aware of their thoughts without any real conversation. It seems more of telepathy to us.

Though it seems a nice thing, imagine, if we are sharing the etheric cord with someone whom we are not close with, then what?

When the Etheric cord is connected to someone we love, then we have an energetic and vibrant source exchange, but if it is with someone, whom we don’t like, then we feel that our feelings and energy are being controlled or even worse, it gets drained out. This is the difference between healthy and unhealthy cord.

Generally, we come to know about the cord we share with someone because of the strong emotional bond that we have with those people, but then there are some whom we cannot stand if they start manipulating our thoughts or we start feeling scared or obsessive about the person, then it is not good.

Will you like the fact that someone is accessing your energy field without your permission? No, never. So, what do we do? This is the time when we cut off the unhealthy etheric cord break free from the negative patterns to save our energy for the ones we love and care.

Cutting the cord is beneficial because it releases the negative energy around you and brings in positive opportunities. You will feel re-energized and a sense of peace will prevail.

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